Harlem Whiskey Festival 2018


July 11-12, 2017

The Harlem Whiskey Festival Presented by EXCLUSIVE ACCESS GROUP is a one-of-a-kind Whiskey & Entertainment experience for Whiskey Aficionado's. Our objective is to celebrate Harlem's rich & historical place in whiskey lore dating back to prohibition. In fact, at Connie's Inn on 7th Ave & 132nd Street, the standard drink was called a "shorty" because it could fit in your pocket!  A four once bottle of whiskey sold for 50 cents to a Dollar. High Whiskey connoisseurs preferred Mexico's Old 99 made locally or a pre Volstead product called Chicken Cock,  from Kentucky.

"This year's Harlem Whiskey Festival will feature a wide range of whiskey expressions from around the world"

NOTE:  Brands are subject to change.  Not all brands mentioned will be repeat participants.